JASS Mesoamerica brings diverse women leaders together in feminist leadership training programs and works to protect the safety of women activists

In the Spotlight

Italia Mendez refuses to be known the rest of her life as “one of the Atenco victims”. So instead she has become an outspoken global crusader against sexual torture by the state. In May of 2006, Mexican police rounded up Italia and more than two hundred other protestors in a violent crackdown in the village of Atenco, Mexico State. They were taken into custody and driven more than 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) to a state prison. During the hellish ride, the police sexually tortured the 47 women. The torture continued even after arriving at the prison.



New study emphasizes the need for a gender perspective in mechanisms of protection to ensure the physical safety and rights of women defenders

Women Crossing the Line

In honor of Berta Cáceres, we share an earlier piece that spotlights some aspects of her journey as an indigenous leader in last few years. Thank you Berta for crossing many lines of courage and justice.

Regional Gallery Highlights

Women from around the country have joined the STEP BY STEP March(Caminata PASO A PASO) to demand national sovereignty; to say no to mining exploitation, no to model cities, demand justice and the liberty of Chavelo (a rural worker condemned for defending right to land), and to demand an end to violence against women in Honduras.

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