What is the current crisis revealing? And what does that tell us about our work for a just future going forward? Join us for this pertinent conversation on #COVID_19 with four amazing women from Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, and the US.

Learning from the Crisis

Our latest newsletter tackles #COVID_19. We feature analysis and actions from the frontline.

Collective Power in the time of a Pandemic

Check out our latest toolkit - Our Rights, Our Safety: Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders!
Our Rights, Our Safety

This report summarizes the insights from a dialogue between grassroots activists, HRDs, lawyers, journalists and donors on the shifting political and power dynamics, rethinking strategies, and exploring how to improve activist safety in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Insights on Defending Rights in Southern Africa

What does it mean to question underlying assumptions and rethink our protection approaches? Together with the Fund for Global Human Rights, JASS offers thisexciting multi-media webpage in English and Spanish, a contribution to the ongoing discussions on protection and closing space.

Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts
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