Amoy Sastri

Finance & Operations Assistant

Don’t be fooled by her shy demeanor – Amoy Sastri is a young woman with an abundance of experience, skills and stories to share.

Schooled at the Vocational School of Jakarta 50 majoring in accounting, Amoy began her first job on the customer data entry staff of CIMB Niaga Bank of Jakarta. She later worked in a factory at the Indonesian Epson Industry in Jakarta for almost three years.  Before joining JASS Southeast Asia (SEA) in late 2014, Amoy worked for JASS SEA partner, PEKKA, where she was introduced to non-profit development work.  

Amoy has committed herself to the fight for women’s rights to address the injustices against women she sees all around her. Her passion and energy is infectious. She feels very much at home in JASS, which she describes as a staunch “defender of women’s rights."

During her free time, Amoy likes to travel and go island-hopping in Indonesia, take good photos, and hunt for spicy food.