Chanda Katongo


Chanda is a young, energetic feminist living and working in Zambia where she was born. Chanda is the Gender Programs & Advocacy Officer at Youth Vision Zambia, and works closely with JASS SNA to oversee the Young Women’s Leadership Academy program. Chanda is also a co-founder and member of Zambian feminist collective, Generation Alive—and initiative committed to deconstructing patriarchal systems that limit and oppress women.

With a Bachelor of Mass Communications and minor in Development Studies from the University of Zambia, Chanda is an award-winning part-time journalist who uses the written word to dig deep on social health and women’s rights issues. She also represents Youth Vision Zambia on the Campaign on Accelerating the Rights and Sexual Reproductive Services for Women and Girls in Zambia which is spearheaded by WLSA (Women & Law in Southern Africa).

Chanda loves working with young people, and envisions a society where young people are well informed about their rights and are able to take up leadership and make informed decisions on all issues affecting their lives.