Lucy Mazingi

Regional Co-Director

Lucy is a quiet storm, speaking only when necessary, yet intervening with force when confronted with injustice. Lucy’s professional background pertains to project management and organizational development, with an emphasis on movement building, skills which she brings to her role at JASS.

Lucy is the former Director and founder of Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) in Zimbabwe. YETT is one of the largest and most stable youth networks in Zimbabwe, providing training and support to build the voice, leadership, and advocacy of boys, girls, and young men and women. Through ongoing involvement in the Zimbabwean women’s movement, Lucy has focused her efforts on building the skills and leadership of young feminist activists in Southern Africa. Lucy also earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development from the University of Queensland, a Diploma in Labor Relations from Turin Centre (Italy), a Masters in Women’s Law, and a BSc. Honors in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe. She has also published various research papers in the areas of women’s rights, gender and HIV/AIDS, the economy, and youth development.

At JASS, Lucy is the regional director of Southern Africa, where she focuses on the strategic direction of the region, financial administration, human resources, and fundraising.

Lucy particularly enjoys working in a feminist team, where all members harbor like-minded ideas and dedication to advocacy in their respective communities.