Mary Joan Guan (Jojo)

Quezon City
Regional Coordinating Group Member

Mary Joan A. Guan (Jojo) is a well-known human rights activist and feminist, and serves as the current Executive Director of the Centre for Women’s Resources (CWR), a research and training institute for women established in 1982. Alongside Jelen Paclarin and the Women’s Legal Bureau (WLB), Jojo established the JASS Philippines Network Feminist Conversations as spaces for feminists and women’s organizations to continue theorizing, building knowledge, developing capacity and strategizing. She also played an instrumental role in driving the One Fight, One Voice campaign (2011), hosted by JASS Southeast Asia and the Gabriela Women's Party.

With more than two decades of activism under her belt, Jojo has written extensively on human rights issues in the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines, worked as an information officer for the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, and as a researcher-writer for socio-economic issues at the Ibon Foundation. She has also done a lot of international work and film production for the Foreign Services Institute.

In addition to her work at CWR, Jojo also finds time to write articles and make films on women’s and children’s issues.