Paula Elina

Finance & Operations Coordinator

Paula Elina or Elin, as everyone calls her, is not new to JASS. She began working as part time finance staff in JASS Southeast Asia (JASS SEA) from 2009 to 2011 where she assisted Forum Aktivis Perempuan Muda or FAMM-Indonesia (then known as JASS Indonesia) regional activities. She joined JASS SEA as full time finance staff in January 2013.

After obtaining her degree in accountancy from the Diponegoro University (UNDIP) in 2001, Elin worked as an auditor, manager and secretary of different banks, insurance, and accountancy firms before becoming involved in development work. From 2004-2008, she worked as secretariat manager of Jakarta-based South East Asia Popular Communications Programme (SEAPCP) where she got her first regional management experience. As project finance staff at PEKKA, she also taught women from grassroots organizations on the basics of financial operations which deepened her connection with social justice and women’s concerns. She believes that women, especially from marginalized communities, should learn the ropes of finance work as part of their empowerment.

Through her work in JASS, Elin hopes to further support the women’s movement in the Southeast Asian region. Elin’s passion for numbers is not the only thing that drew her to JASS. She has a vision to work and directly connect with grassroots women, especially maginalized groups.