Zeph Repollo

Regional Co-director

Zeph Repollo, is passionate about women’s democratic rights and environmental justice. She believes that empowering people, particularly women at the grassroots level, to be active part in decision-making processes is key in achieving meaningful changes.

Raised in the Philippines, a country internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s most abundant sources of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, she lives with the tragedy knowing and witnessing the demise and destruction of these unprotected and vulnerable sources of life which is increasing the burden of women and girls at the frontline.

In 2007, Zeph spent her time working with rural women as community organizer in the Philippines. Her experience with mothers in climate affected communities made her decide to equip herself with further understanding the climate crisis that is increasingly affecting women and girls. This is what motivates and inspires her to commit her time and energy towards the cause of women and environmental rights.

In 2009, she started organizing mobilizations to raise awareness about climate change in her community. And eventually became the Southeast Asia Co-coordinator working in full capacity with a climate organization, 350.org. She became more involved in leading campaign trainings, strategy development, and campaign coordination in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Adding more meaning to the work she does are her two daughters-- Gab and Alexa, who gave a short talk at a locally organized event in time for the Peoples Climate March in 2015.

Currently, Zeph is working full time with JASS Southeast Asia as its regional co-director and recently led a team to the People's Climate Summit at the 23rd UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany. She hopes that the networks and learnings built in this experience can amplify, support, and build momentum in the work against violence, resource extraction, patriarchy, and capitalism confronting women and girls in the region.