Equipping Activists


"Look at each one of us JASS women in Malawi. Everywhere we go, and we are chosen as leaders. We speak with confidence, we challenge, we stand out.” Participant from JASS Southern Africa

We recruit and equip activist leaders from all walks of life with the confidence, information, skills, and strategies they need to organize women and build alliances necessary to address problems of justice and discrimination. We do this through training, reflection, and learning  processes - using and adapting a variety of JASS’ curricula, political tools, and concepts and applying popular education methods. These processes of empowering and developing activist leaders are embedded in movement-building and directly linked to planning and action. They are continuous over many years rather than a single event or one-off workshop. 

Periodic face-to-face workshops and regular on-line communication and mentoring have multiple aims:  

  • deepen and renew analysis about contexts, urgent issues, and power;
  • facilitate debate and information sharing;   
  • forge common agendas and enable women to develop effective strategies that integrate human rights;  
  • build relationships among diverse organizations and activists across divides of age, class, race, nationality and sector;   
  • create safe spaces to deal with difficult lives and burnout and build trust.

Sometimes workshops are about back-to-basics community organizing, education and advocacy approaches. Other times, they can provide political or human rights education or focus on effective feminist leadership and movement strategies. Given the diversity of women’s contexts and identities, processes always surface questions of power and privilege, as they work to resolve conflicts and find common ground. To re-energize activists and expand their creativity, gatherings often include artistic expression and self-care. Communication and the how-to(s) of radio or ICTs and social media are also a consistent part of our movement-builders skill-set. 

In keeping with JASS’ continuing commitment to generate knowledge from practice and produce innovative, practical how-to(s), we develop toolkits, dictionaries and training curricula to multiply the impact of our learning processes.