A new article by JASS ED Lisa VeneKlasen and James Savage (Fund for Global Human Rights) examining how front-line defenders are leading the way on protection strategies for activists and communities.
In Mesoamerica 24 women human rights defenders were assassinated between 2010 and 2011. Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) are attacked for being rights defenders and for being women
At APC Women'sNet "Connect Your Rights!" Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. My mind is literally exploding with concepts and ideas.I’m at the APC Women'sNet "Connect Your Rights!" Workshop in Mombasa. We opened the workshop with a spectrogram exercise in which all the participants thought about these three overarching statements, and expressed their opinion along a spectrum, each having an opportunity to express the reasoning behind their positioning: Security is only a concern for people who have something to hide.
The Heart-Mind-Body workshop, held at Chengeta Lodge just outside Harare (April 9 – 10), brought together 26 women, each with diverse experiences, perspectives and survival strategies, all united by a common concern: sustaining the work we do in incredibly stressful situations.
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