Released in August 2007, this collection of stories about how women navigate, resist, and transform power is the product of a unique write shop process organized by Just Associates for ActionAid International, engaging long-time women's rights activists in reflection, creative writing and sharing stories. While there is much to celebrate in terms of the work activist have done and gains for women’s rights, there are still difficult realities and challenges that must be addressed.
On May 20, the offices of JASS’ key media partner in Mexico, the Women’s Information and Communication Centre (CIMAC), were raided.
The successes achieved by social justice advocates at a series of important UN and other international gatherings throughout the 1990s molded transnational civil society strategies and in many ways, raised expectations about what is possible. In addition to policy gains, these efforts managed to shift the discourses of gender equality, sustainable development, and human rights and helped to forge national and international movements and alliances.
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