Dealing with conflict

A shadow report released by the National WHRD Network in Mexico and presented at the 52nd Session of the CEDAW Committee, which confirms that within Latin America, Mexico ranks first in attacks against journalists and second in attacks against women defenders. There has been an alarming increase in violence against women human rights defenders in Mexico.
Bios of human rights defenders and journalists who travelled to New York in July to meet with the 52nd Session of the CEDAW Committee.
On August 20th, the Zimbabwe national police occupied the offices of GALZ (Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe) - a close JASS ally - after demanding entry. Officers confiscated publications and computers. This latest assault comes on the tail of nearly two weeks of aggressive harassment of GALZ members by the police in Zimbabwe, where same-sex activity is outlawed.
"The Mexican government’s strategy to combat organized crime, should not be at the cost of women’s lives” - On July 16th I had the great honor of sitting next to Margarita Martinez, a spirited human rights defender, mother and educator from Chiapas, Mexico as she proclaimed those words to the current members of the CEDAW Committee (Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) during its 52nd se
"The war on drugs has become a war on women" says the new report from the women’s rights fact-finding mission organized by JASS and the Nobel Women’s Initiative in January 2012.
In Mesoamerica 24 women human rights defenders were assassinated between 2010 and 2011. Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) are attacked for being rights defenders and for being women
A power point presentation on the resistance & struggle for resources by women in the Polochic Valley in Guatemala.
The drug war is armed, it is a certainly a conflict--in Mexico it takes far more lives than most conventional wars--and yet it is unrecognized or even denied by governments and misrepresented or censored in the press. The opposing sides do not wear different-colored uniforms or fight on battlefields and many international conventions do not easily apply.


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