Women Crossing the Line - April 2013

Cristina Hardaga Fernández
, Mexico

These days, Cristina lives in Guerrero, one of the most impoverished and militarized municipalities in Mexico. But her journey as a human rights activist began in Mexico City as a university student protesting alongside the women of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez about the rise in femicides and the disappearances of women.
Siti Harsun
, Indonesia

When I first met Siti Harsun, my impression was of a quiet girl and a warm smile. But I soon learned not to be fooled by her appearance. Beneath her gentle manner, Harsun is a fierce organizer. Once our discussion turned to food security, her soft voice became fiery and filled with indignation.
Nana Zulu
, Zambia

It’s not easy to identify yourself as a feminist in Zambia. You risk violent backlash or isolation in your community, workplace, and relationships. For Nana Zulu, her first contact with JASS in 2009 raised the question: What does it mean to be a feminist in Zambia today?