Women Crossing the Line - October 2013

Oemi Faezathi
, Indonesia

How can you best support poor women in their struggles for a steadier livelihood when survival is a daily battle? In an interview with JASS Southeast Asia's Osang Langara, PEKKA's Oemi Faezathi explains how this process begins with organizing around women's practical needs.
Rudo Chigudu
, Zimbabwe

"The things that I now recognize as activism are things I’ve been doing for years. Questioning basic things like the hierarchies in school and the home – recognizing injustices, getting angry about them, and then in small ways starting to do something about them. When you know something’s wrong, you say something because you can’t be silent."
Amina Doherty
, Nigeria

For me, the idea of ‘women crossing the line’ means women pushing forward and continuing to advance progressive women’s rights agenda’s in all corners of the world. It's a collective moving forward, it is a stampede; it is all women finding the strength to claim our power.