Women Crossing the Line - March 2015

Berta Cáceres
, Honduras

In honor of Berta Cáceres, we share an earlier piece that spotlights some aspects of her journey as an indigenous leader in last few years. Thank you Berta for crossing many lines of courage and justice.
Bettina Cruz
, Mexico

On 22 February 2012, Bettina Cruz was arrested by agents of the Federal Attorney General's office. Her arrest demonstrates the kinds of risk that a woman human rights defender may face but the outcome is proof that you can defend your community’s rights successfully.
Mirriam Munthali
, Malawi

Mirriam Munthali is a dynamic and brave woman activist-leader from Malawi who is using her voice to speak out on the issues that matter most for women from all walks of life, challenging everyone from fellow church members and her local chief to government officials. Read this inspiring story from Mirriam's own words.