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Learn about the courageous organizing initiatives of four extraordinary networks that we have helped to build, accompany, and sustain.

Check out this online campaign by Global Fund for Women, JASS, & MADRE, featuring stories of 14 women activists from around the world who defend and advance human rights.
Berta Cáceres
, Honduras

In honor of Berta Cáceres, we share an earlier piece that spotlights some aspects of her journey as an indigenous leader in last few years. Thank you Berta for crossing many lines of courage and justice.
Bettina Cruz
, Mexico

On 22 February 2012, Bettina Cruz was arrested by agents of the Federal Attorney General's office. Her arrest demonstrates the kinds of risk that a woman human rights defender may face but the outcome is proof that you can defend your community’s rights successfully.
Margarita Martinez
, Mexico

As an educator and community leader with limitless energy, Margarita Martinez’s strength and personality touches all those who meet her. Despite the risks of doing her human rights work, she has stood up to those who want to silence her – she has become a women human rights defender and a true inspiration.
Cristina Hardaga Fernández
, Mexico

These days, Cristina lives in Guerrero, one of the most impoverished and militarized municipalities in Mexico. But her journey as a human rights activist began in Mexico City as a university student protesting alongside the women of Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez about the rise in femicides and the disappearances of women.